How we work

We work to protect brand repurtation and to maintain customer satisfaciton.


I have a Complaint!

Where to start?

You buy a service and/or product that you are not satisfied with, You contact the brand and cannot resolve your issue.

  • - If you want to resolve your complaint.
  • - If you don’t want other customers to have same problem.
  • - If you think brand should improve its service quality.
  • First start by signing up. Register

Your phone number and location should be accurate!

We approve real users who filled the user form.

MyComplaint work only in EU countries because of this we place importance to sms verification, location info, phono number and location confirmaion.

  • Record your EU zone telephone number.
  • Confirm your EU location.
  • If both informations are confirmed your user account will be created.
  • Great! Now you can start your complaint..

Write your complaint

Now you can write yout complaint.

You complaint should be in details and plain, your complaints cannot include swearingwords or harrasment, we cannot resolve your complaint if you do not follow our complaints policy, in some cases we might ask for some documents for your complaint to reach detailed information.

  • Write your complaint in clear and simple words.
  • System will record if you use swearingwords or harrasment.
  • Our priority is your satisfaction.
Write Complaint

Faster solutions with filtering

Inappropriate complaints will be blocked and deleted.

Your complaint will be informed to the brand in 60min and will be published if its suitable for our Complaint policy. You won’t be charged for writing complaints.

To protect brand reputation we will take necessary actions for fasle complaints and brand harrasments, We examine each compaints in details to ensure this.


Brand will be informed of your Complaint.

Customer satisfaction is the most important asset for brands

When your complaint is approved, it will be deliverd to the brand, with this your complaint will be published on site and respond will be waited from the brand.

  • Higher customer satisfaction means more customers.
  • We care about brand reputatin as much as we care about customer satisfaction.
  • If you are the owner of the complaint your user will beactivated.
  • System may ask for additional documents.

It’s time to resolve Customer Complaint!

Now it’s time for happy and satisfied customer!

We will work to resolve the complaint and problem between cleint and the brand.

  • Your complaint is resolved.
  • Write a thank you note for the brand.
  • Review the brand.
  • Share it for other customers..